Red Hills Junior Tour | Pink Links Junior Tour

A Unique Development Tour for Junior Golfers!

Red Hills & Pink Links Junior Tours help junior golfers (age 6-18) develop competitive skills and experience.

We are starting our 12th season providing opportunities for junior golfers in north Florida, south Georgia and south Alabama. As a development tour we have provided a way for junior golfers throughout the southeast to gain competitive playing experience while learning the rules of golf and spending time with family and friends. A point system for end-of-year prizes adds to the experience.

Many of the players who started with RHJG and PLJG have gone on to play college golf at D1, D2 and D3 schools.  

It's never too early to start playing and you don't have to be super-experienced. That’s why we're here: to help you and your junior golfer gain the experience needed to progress to upper level tours and have success.

 Click here to view our Archived website for results and info from 2008-2018.


Notah Begay III Qualifier info
5 days ago
Click here for more info on the RHJT NB3 qualifier at Callaway Gardens
Understanding Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings
2 mos ago
UNDERSTANDING JUNIOR GOLF SCOREBOARD RANKINGS Red Hills submits each and every tournament result to the Junior Golf Scoreboard for rankings. Below is a summary of how the Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) operates...
Upcoming Events
Seminole Legacy Golf Club (Tallahassee, FL)
February 11-12
Seminole Legacy Golf Course
Tallahassee, FL
March 11
TPC at Sawgrass - The Players Stadium
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
A fantastic opportunity for players to experience golf up close at its highest level! *** Read info in "information" tab***
Callaway Gardens (Mountain View) Notah Begay III Qualifier (Pine Mountain, GA)
March 25-26
Callaway Gardens Golf Club - Mountain View
Pine Mountain, GA
Notah Begay III Local Qualifier Special Accommodations Available
RTJ - Highland Oaks (Dothan, AL)
May 27-28
RTJ Golf Trail at Highland Oaks - Highlands
Dothan, AL
MAJOR Course rotation will be Highlands to Marshwood.
Latest Results
Oak Marsh at Omni Amelia Island Resort (Fernandina Beach, FL)
January 14-15
Boys 16-18
Jones. J (+21)
Hamrick. K (+40)
Ortiz. A (+40)
Boys 14-15
Harvard. J (+32)
Fleischer. C (+41)
Peltier. M (+43)
Boys 12-13
Hampson. H (+37)
Hardy. S (+50)
Cuddy. W (+56)
Boys 10-11
Hodge. C (+26)
Torres. Z (+31)
Cook. V (+47)
Diamond Series
Price. A (+54)
Martin. S (+57)
Amber Series
Mathis. K (+43)
Sprague. M (+49)
Lowe. L (+51)
Mandarin Series
Torres. M (+28)
Tallahassee Dodge-Chrysler Jeep TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP — Southwood Golf Club, Tallahassee, FL
December 10-11
Boys 16-18
Lozano. G (+5)
Jones. J (+12)
Jones. J (+32)
Boys 14-15
Rau. M (+9)
Matthews. B (+10)
Parker. A (+12)
Boys 12-13
Cochran. R (E)
Klement. B (+2)
Fleischer. C (+9)
Boys 10-11
Yang. A (+2)
Hall. D (+5)
Street. J (+8)
Boys 9 & Under
Swiney. B (+1)
Amos. B (+11)
Gibbs. W (+14)
Diamond Series
Johnson. P (+12)
Smith. L (+40)
Ruby Series
Price. A (+18)
Lloyd. B (+37)
Emerald Series
McKenzie. L (+42)
Amber Series
Mathis. K (+26)
Sprague. M (+31)
Sprague. A (+44)
Sapphire Series
Castillo. E (+19)
Valdosta Toyota Junior Golf Championship at Kinderlou Forest (Valdosta, GA)
November 12-13
Boys 16-18
Galbraith. T (+12)
Jones. J (+23)
Walker. M (+43)
Boys 14-15
Parker. A (+7)
Edwards. C (+14)
Peltier. M (+16)
Boys 12-13
Yager. C (+10)
Klement. B (+11)
Cochran. R (+14)
Boys 10-11
Hall. D (+7)
Street. J (+19)
Freeman. A (+22)
Boys 9 & Under
Swiney. B (E)
Lott. B (+2)
Hodge. C (+10)
Diamond Series
Kight. A (+19)
Johnson. P (+20)
Kennedy. S (+28)
Ruby Series
Price. A (+32)
Lloyd. B (+46)
Emerald Series
McKenzie. L (+55)
Sapphire Series
Castillo. E (+18)
Current Rankings
Red Hills Junior Tour | Pink Links Junior Tour
2023 Season
As of 1/15/2023 6:04:19 PM
Boys 16-18
1 - Jones. J
T2 - Hamrick. K
T2 - Ortiz. A
4 - Harrell. W
5 - Lowe. Z
Boys 14-15
1 - Harvard. J
2 - Fleischer. C
3 - Peltier. M
4 - Young. W
Boys 12-13
1 - Hampson. H
2 - Hardy. S
3 - Cuddy. W
4 - Denham. H
5 - Kunes. M
Boys 10-11
1 - Hodge. C
2 - Torres. Z
3 - Mask. Q
4 - Cook. V
Diamond Series
1 - Price. A
2 - Martin. S
Amber Series
1 - Mathis. K
2 - Sprague. M
3 - Sprague. A
4 - Lowe. L
Mandarin Series
1 - Torres. M