Red Hills Junior Tour | Pink Links Junior Tour

Dothan Tournament Rescheduled

(UPDATED SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 | 9:00PM) 

Dear Parents and Players, 

Leslie and I are deeply saddened to announce this weekend’s tournament at Dothan CC will be rescheduled.
Here’s why: In recent days there has been a steady stream of restrictions on group activities, children’s activities, travel and hospitality that, in our opinion, are making attending this weekend’s event uncomfortable for many parents.
Our mission has always been to provide fun, healthy competition for players and to help families create lasting memories. (Emphasis on fun and healthy.)  
Despite our positive approach and desire to make the tournament happen, it is becoming clear many parents are anxious and we completely understand.  If just one of our players, parents or spectators ended up sick or transmitting any illness in the face of the current climate, we would all be devastated.
We are requesting a date in May to reschedule the Dothan event and will pass that on in the coming days.
Anyone who is not able to make the reschedule date will, of course, receive a full refund or can apply the credit towards a future event.

A unique development tour for junior golfers!

Red Hills & Pink Links Junior Tours help junior golfers (age 6-18) develop competitive skills and experience.

We are starting our 11th season providing opportunities for junior golfers in north Florida, south Georgia and south Alabama. As a development tour we have provided a way for junior golfers throughout the southeast to gain competitive playing experience while learning the rules of golf and spending time with family and friends. A point system for end-of-year prizes adds to the experience.

Many of the players who started with RHJG and PLJG have gone on to play college golf at D1, D2 and D3 schools.  

It's never too early to start playing and you don't have to be super-experienced.  Thats' why we're here: to help you and your junior golfer gain the experience needed to progress to upper level tours and have success. Click here to view our Archived website for results and info from 2008-2018.


Upcoming Events
St. James Bay
April 25-26
St James Bay Golf Club
Carrabelle, FL
This is a wetlands course and one of our favorite places to play. The course requires target golf and patience.
Spring Hill Golf Club
July 11-12
Spring Hill Country Club
Tifton, GA
A new venue for Red Hills and Pink Links players, this Tifton, GA course features, Spring Hill features narrow fairways that wind through woodland with small sand traps strategically placed to test the golfers control off the tees and through the fairways.
Sunset Country Club
August 15-16
Sunset Country Club
Moultrie, GA
Sunset Country Club, Moultrie, GA, is home to perhaps one of the most notorious golf events in the South: the annual Sunset Country Club Pot O' Gold Pro-Am, which draws pros and amateurs alike to the area every spring. The course features beautiful scenery and small protected gr
Doublegate CC
September 12-13
Doublegate Country Club
Albany, GA
Nestled between towering oaks and pines, Doublegate’s 18 hole, par 72 championship golf course offers a challenging round of golf for juniors.
Latest Results
Glen Arven Country Club
February 8-9
Boys 16-18
Jones. J (+8)
Barber. C (+15)
Jones. B (+16)
Boys 14-15
Bassford. L (+15)
Speece. J (+17)
Urban. L (+18)
Boys 12-13
Matthews. B (+25)
Larson. W (+27)
Hall. M (+28)
Boys 10-11
Palmer. J (+13)
Hall. C (+13)
Beasley. B (+15)
Boys 9 & Under
Hall. D (+19)
Herndon. D (+34)
Diamond Series
Howell. C (+32)
Riner. E (+42)
LaMothe. A (+81)
Ruby Series
Odom. C (+43)
Ingram. A (+46)
Johnson. P (+62)
Emerald Series
Kennedy. S (+27)
Jones. A (+30)
Southwood Golf Club
November 16-17
Boys 16-18
Barber. C (+19)
Cox. E (+21)
Noland. F (+26)
Boys 14-15
Poppell. L (+4)
Jones. J (+11)
Romedy. E (+11)
Boys 12-13
Urban. L (+7)
Jones. D (+11)
Smith. G (+17)
Boys 10-11
Matthews. B (+2)
Peltier. M (+7)
Hall. M (+7)
Boys 9 & Under
Palmer. J (-1)
Hall. C (+2)
Hong. J (+13)
Diamond Series
Lefebvre. S (+14)
Patterson. P (+35)
Norman. S (+44)
Ruby Series
Riner. E (+22)
Howard. M (+85)
Perfetto. F (+92)
Emerald Series
Odom. C (+7)
Ingram. A (+12)
Johnson. P (+15)
Kinderlou Forest
October 12-13
Boys 16-18
Barber. C (+22)
Cox. E (+22)
Noland. F (+23)
Boys 14-15
Poppell. L (+5)
Bassford. L (+9)
Romedy. E (+14)
Boys 12-13
Watson. L (+12)
Smith. G (+19)
Urban. L (+19)
Boys 10-11
Matthews. B (+6)
Hall. M (+6)
Baker. A (+11)
Boys 9 & Under
Palmer. J (+7)
Cochran. R (+16)
Hall. D (+19)
Diamond Series
Cotton. T (+23)
Howell. C (+40)
Norman. S (+55)
Ruby Series
Riner. E (+21)
Howard. M (+95)
Emerald Series
Ingram. A (+16)
Odom. C (+18)
Johnson. P (+30)
Current Rankings
Red Hills Junior Tour | Pink Links Junior Tour
2020 Season
As of 2/9/2020 4:25:00 PM
Boys 16-18
1 - Jones. J
2 - Barber. C
3 - Jones. B
4 - Noland. F
5 - Mork. B
Boys 14-15
1 - Bassford. L
2 - Speece. J
3 - Urban. L
4 - Galbraith. T
5 - Jones. D
Boys 12-13
1 - Matthews. B
2 - Larson. W
3 - Hall. M
4 - Peltier. M
5 - Moore. D
Boys 10-11
1 - Palmer. J
2 - Hall. C
3 - Beasley. B
4 - Baker. A
T5 - Chaires. H
Boys 9 & Under
1 - Hall. D
2 - Herndon. D
Diamond Series
1 - Howell. C
2 - Riner. E
3 - Norman. S
4 - LaMothe. A
Ruby Series
1 - Odom. C
2 - Ingram. A
3 - Johnson. P
4 - Howard. M
Emerald Series
1 - Kennedy. S
2 - Jones. A