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Monday, April 25, Dothan Country Club (DCC) communicated the necessity of rescinding the Sunday, May 8, date for our upcoming tournament due to a large event they have scheduled for that day--Mothers Day. (Note: players registered for the May 7-8 event have already been contacted with the options below).  While this is inconvenient for many, we are always thankful and appreciative for the support DCC has shown for decades supporting junior golf. Below is the impact of that change:

  • Our May 7-8 tournament has been moved to the weekend of June 4-5, 2022. 
  • In its place, a One-Day (no points) event is offered Saturday, May 7, at Dothan CC (Price: $65). Register anytime between now and Monday, May 2 midnight to avoid the $10 late fee.  Deadline for all registrations is midnight, Wednesday, May 4.
  • Kinderlou registrations have been moved to Nov. 12-13 

Here are the Options:

  1. If you would like to play the DOTHAN One-Day, please click here, and sign up ($65)
  2. If you want your DOTHAN May 7-8 registration to transfer to June 4-5, there is no need to do anything. Your registration has already been moved.
  3. If you want your KINDERLOU June 4-5 registration to transfer to Nov 12-13, there is no need to do anything. Your registration has already been moved.
  4. Please Email us if you would like a Tour Credit or Refund for Dothan and/or Kinderlou.

The last couple of years has been very challenging to maintain tournament schedules on some of the great courses we have historically played while incorporating new golf courses in the mix. Rounds of golf are way up everywhere, and it is increasingly difficult to find courses willing to accommodate junior play. Many are increasing their rates or simply do not have available dates. Dothan CC is an exception, and though the present glitch in scheduling is inconvenient, we genuinely value and appreciate their members and their staff.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to do our best to provide quality venues and experiences for your junior players.

John and Leslie Baker

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A unique development tour for junior golfers!

Red Hills & Pink Links Junior Tours help junior golfers (age 6-18) develop competitive skills and experience.

We are starting our 12th season providing opportunities for junior golfers in north Florida, south Georgia and south Alabama. As a development tour we have provided a way for junior golfers throughout the southeast to gain competitive playing experience while learning the rules of golf and spending time with family and friends. A point system for end-of-year prizes adds to the experience.

Many of the players who started with RHJG and PLJG have gone on to play college golf at D1, D2 and D3 schools.  

It's never too early to start playing and you don't have to be super-experienced.  Thats' why we're here: to help you and your junior golfer gain the experience needed to progress to upper level tours and have success. Click here to view our Archived website for results and info from 2008-2018.


Upcoming Events
Dothan CC, Dothan, AL (Future Masters Preview)
June 4-5
Dothan Country Club
Dothan, AL
This is a Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked event for Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 12-13 and Diamond Series level play. Points factor: 1.5
Highland Oaks Golf Club, Dothan, AL.
July 9-10
RTJ Golf Trail at Highland Oaks - Highlands
Dothan, AL
Course rotation will be Highlands to Marshwood. This is a Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked event for Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 12-13 and Diamond Series level play.
Oak Marsh (Fernandina Beach, FL)
August 6-7
Omni Amelia Island - Oak Marsh
Fernandina Beach, FL
Points factor: 1.5 This is a Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked event for Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 12-13 and Diamond Series level play.
Sunset Country Club
September 17-18
Sunset Country Club
Moultrie, GA
Sunset Country Club, Moultrie, GA, is home to perhaps one of the most notorious golf events in the South: the annual Sunset Country Club Pot O' Gold Pro-Am, which draws pros and amateurs alike to the area every spring. The course features beautiful scenery and small protected gr
Latest Results
May 7
Boys 16-18
Thornton. L (+10)
McFatter. R (+11)
Broadaway. B (+12)
Boys 14-15
Emblom. L (+3)
Smith. G (+12)
Emblom. H (+13)
Boys 12-13
Street. E (+6)
Klement. B (+12)
Cochran. R (+12)
Boys 10-11
Steltenpohl. M (E)
Alford. W (+6)
Hall. D (+8)
Boys 9 & Under
Swiney. B (E)
Gibbs. W (+19)
Hartzog. C (+26)
Ruby Series
Mathews. S (+18)
Woodall. C (+24)
Mathews. G (+26)
Amber Series
Sprague. M (+14)
Sprague. A (+18)
Sandestin - Links (ONE DAY - POINTS AWARDED)
April 16
Boys 16-18
Dowling. D (+9)
Jones. J (+10)
Hart. B (+11)
Boys 14-15
Hamrick. K (+14)
Corry. T (+17)
Smith. G (+19)
Boys 12-13
Davis. N (+12)
Fleischer. C (+26)
Amos. J (+35)
Boys 10-11
Yang. A (+3)
Hall. D (+4)
Daniell. D (+18)
Boys 9 & Under
DeRoy. M (-2)
Swiney. B (-2)
Amos. B (+7)
Diamond Series
Johnson. P (+24)
Ruby Series
Price. A (+14)
Akins. T (+36)
Cress. L (+36)
Sapphire Series
Mathis. K (+18)
Akins. M (+24)
Sprague. M (+24)
Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA (Mountain View)
March 19-20
Boys 16-18
McFatter. R (+16)
Braddy. A (+37)
Harrell. W (+46)
Boys 14-15
Matthews. B (+14)
Carver. C (+16)
Hollingsworth. H (+17)
Boys 12-13
Urquhart. B (+5)
Abbott. B (+15)
Street. E (+25)
Boys 10-11
Steltenpohl. M (+10)
Alford. W (+11)
Street. J (+19)
Boys 9 & Under
Swiney. B (+18)
Gibbs. W (+29)
Johnson. M (+62)
Ruby Series
Lloyd. B (+51)
Price. A (+53)
Owens. G (+55)
Emerald Series
Woodall. C (+41)
Current Rankings
Red Hills Junior Tour | Pink Links Junior Tour
2022 Season
As of 4/16/2022 11:35:49 PM
Boys 16-18
1 - McFatter. R
2 - Harrell. W
3 - Jones. J
4 - Braddy. A
5 - Hart. B
Boys 14-15
1 - Parker. A
2 - Hamrick. K
3 - Corry. T
4 - Edwards. C
5 - Matthews. B
Boys 12-13
1 - Cochran. R
2 - Gay. P
T3 - Davis. N
T3 - Urquhart. B
5 - Abbott. B
Boys 10-11
1 - Yang. A
2 - Steltenpohl. M
3 - Hall. D
4 - Daniell. D
5 - Alford. W
Boys 9 & Under
1 - Swiney. B
2 - Gibbs. W
3 - Johnson. M
T4 - Amos. B
T4 - DeRoy. M
Diamond Series
1 - Johnson. P
2 - Maraman. P
3 - Ingram. A
4 - Carmody. A
Ruby Series
1 - Price. A
2 - Lloyd. B
3 - Akins. T
4 - Owens. G
5 - Lodge. P
Emerald Series
1 - Woodall. C
Sapphire Series
1 - Mathis. K
T2 - Sprague. M
T2 - Akins. M
4 - Sprague. A