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Weather and Darkness Policy

Red Hills and Pink Links Junior Tour events will take place as scheduled unless it is necessary to cancel or postpone for one of the following reasons:

  1. Safety: the host course's lightning detection or radar indicates lightning in the area, the committee will postpone play until it is determined safe to resume.
  2. Course Condition: the host course determines the course is too wet or frost conditions exist that would result in damage to the course.
  3. Darkness: the committee determines that play must be suspended for the day due to darkness.

If an event should be hindered by rain, frost delay, or darkness, the following rules will be applied:

  • All 18 holers must complete at least 9 holes* in order for the event to be considered completed.
  • All 9 holers must complete at least 5 holes† in order for the event to be considered completed.

If the event is partially completed but ALL 18 holers have completed 9-holes and/or ALL 9-holers have completed at least five holes, we will consider the event official and awards will be presented according to our Points and Awards criteria.

If the event cannot be completed we will re-schedule at a later date.  We will either refund your money or apply it to the rescheduled event.

If it is obvious the event cannot be played because of extended inclement weather (hurricane or tropical storm in the Gulf), we will make every effort to let you know via email, phone and website update.  Otherwise, please know we will play as scheduled.

*If a 36-hole event, 18 holes must have been completed.

†If an 18-hole event, 9 holes must have been completed.

Cart Policy

The Cart Policy is designed to help with the pace of play and improve the enjoyment of both the player and spectator.  Carts may be used for play at RHJT events under the following guidelines only:

Caddy use of carts:   9-Hole Players
Though we strongly encourage walking for all RHJT events, parents or caddies of 9-hole players may rent a cart for use during play.  The caddy may use the cart to shuttle their player between holes.  After reaching the tee, the player cannot ride and MUST walk the entire hole.  The caddy may leave the bag on the cart or carry it on the course with the player when needed. In no case, will carts be allowed off the path.  First offense – warning.  Second offense – 2 stroke penalty.  Subsequent offenses – double par on that hole.

Pull carts are allowed unless prohibited by the host golf course.

Note:  Carts are provided on a first come/first serve basis.  Each course may or may not have enough carts for all players.  The cart policy has been put into effect to help those who play on a long course and have substantial walks between greens and tees.

18-hole Players: No electric carts permitted
Pull carts only are allowed unless prohibited by the host golf course.

Spectator cart policy
Spectators of all players may rent carts for use while watching play.  Spectators in carts must stay on the path at all times and remain behind the players being watched.  Spectator carts are prohibited from going forward to spot tee shots in advance of play. First offense: warning; second offense: spectator will be asked to return to the clubhouse until the conclusion of play.

Note:  It is at the discretion of the host golf course as to whether spectator carts will be allowed.

Special Circumstances:

At the committee's discresion, the RHJT Caddy/Cart Policy may be suspended due to excesive heat or other weather-related circumstances where the health/saftey of the player(s) may be at risk.

Dress Code

Required for Players and Spectators

Players and spectators: please be reminded we are taking part in a competitive event as guests of the host course. Many of the courses we play are otherwise private. Please read and follow the dress code below and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Proper attire is required at all times at the host golf course. Should a host golf course or resort have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence.

Players in violation may be asked to change prior to tee off.

Players must also be in golf attire while using the practice facilities.

Attire on the Golf Course and in Clubhouse

  • Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward.
  • Males should remove hat/visor while indoors.
  • Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked in at all times
  • Women's fashion shirts without a collar must have sleeves.
  • Women's skirts / skorts are acceptable.
  • Women's fashion shirts should not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing.
  • Women's shorts must be no more than 5 inches above the knee OR the inseam of the shorts must measure at least 5 inches

Prohibited Attire

  • Jeans or jean jackets
  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts
  • Warm up pants or "sweats"
  • Earrings (males)
  • Body piercings
  • Tattoos (must be covered)
Reminder About Alignment Rods

As a tee gift for players we may include a customized MoRod alignment tool.  These training aids are intended for use during practice to help the player check alignment.  They are not to be used during a competitive round, as described below.  Please make sure you read and understand the recent rules update relevant to these and other practice aids.  If you have questions please contact a Red Hills tour director.

Alignment Rods Result in Disqualification? 

It seems that almost all junior golfers are carrying fiberglass alignment rods/sticks in their bags. They are a great tool for checking your alignment or swing plane, but do you know if you use one of these rods during a round (whether during a stroke or not) that you are disqualified?

A decision on the Rules of Golf came into effect on January 1, 2010 that prohibits the use of these rods during a round.

Decision 14-3/10.3 Use of Rod During Round for Alignment or as Swing Aid

Q. During a stipulated round, a player used a rod to check his alignment or his swing plan. What is the ruling?

A. The player is disqualified under 14-3 as the rod is unusual equipment and such use, during the stipulated round, is not permitted.

Carrying the rod is not, of itself, a breach of a Rule.

So, if you want to check your alignment during a round, don't use one of these rods, just lay down a club from your bag. Checking alignment with a club is not a breach of the Rules, unless the club is kept on the ground for alignment during a stoke.

If you have any questions on the Rules of Golf please contact the Florida State Golf Association at 813-632-3742 or email


Red Hills and Pink Links Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend any event for which you have registered, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know.

Our policy regarding Tour Credits or Refunds is below and is dependent on when you let us know:

  • BEFORE TEE TIMES ARE POSTED (generally 48 hours before event start time): Tour Credit or Full Refund at your discretion
  • AFTER TEE TIMES POSTED: Tour Credit only (full entry fee minus $25)

If you select Tour Credit please be aware the credit will appear in your player's account for you to use later.  We will not automatically roll the credit to a future event unless you specify the event when you write us to cancel.


Other Policies (.pdf)