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Terms of Use

I understand and affirm that Red Hills Junior Golf (herein known as RHJG) and Pink Links Junior Golf (PLJG), as well as their staff and volunteers, course owners and/or operators are not liable for any accidents, injuries or damages to myself or my equipment, suffered while participating in RHJG- or PLJG-sponsored events. By completing the registration process, I agree to read the Tour Waiver of Liability and fully indemnify and hold harmless RHJG/PLJG and its agents, representatives and volunteers from any damages suffered by me, my equipment, my family or my child while participating in, or traveling to or from any Tour-sponsored event. I authorize the RHJG/PLJG to release my child’s scores and photographs to any newspaper, golf publication, golf website, golf organization or college golf coach. I have read and agree to the terms set forth herein and will abide by the Policies and Code of Conduct required by me and my child(ren) as a participant in any Tour event played.